Anchor of Hope Community Church

The Community Church (Harbour Light Corps) offers pastoral care, Sunday Worship Services, Bible Study, Women's Ministries, and other pastoral services such as dedication of children, funerals, and weddings within Harbour Light and to the community at large. It is our mission "to share, by word and action, the Good News of God's love and forgiveness, through Jesus Christ. To nurture individuals in the Christian faith, serve as channels of God's love to those in need, and be a transforming influence in the community."

The Mission reflects the desire to provide personal evangelism, spiritual discipleship, and practical ministries that meet the diversity of needs of those who reach out to The Salvation Army for help.

hl art 037Purpose of the Community Church:

        • Encourage a commitment to God.
        • Foster spiritual growth.
        • Demonstrate faith by serving others.
        • Develop membership.
        • Be a transforming influence in the community.

Core Values of the Community Church:

        • Salvation
        • Holiness
        • Prayer
        • Compassion
        • Respect
        • Excellence
        • Integrity
        • Relevance
        • Co-operation
        • Celebration

Services Offered at the Community Church:

        • Pre -service prayer time
        • Sunday morning worship service
        • Weekly meetings for women
        • "Soldier Classes" for members
        • Alpha classes (understanding the basics of Christian Faith)
        • Christian Discovery Class for interested or new believers
        • Dedications of children, weddings, funerals and hospital visitations


        • Other Salvation Army Corps (Belkin House, Southmount, Metrotown and Cariboo Hill)
        • 614 Corps 
        • Urban Network Organizations (World Vision, Mission Possible) Purpose of the Community Church:

Our Community Church is always keen to foster new partnerships with Christian organizations and churches!